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     If you have a cat then you definitely have a litter box. And you may not realize that the litter you’re using is not only unhealthy for you and your precious kitty but terrible for the environment too. It’s important to understand the impact clay and crystal litter has on our world and how it impacts our health. You will be shocked to learn how toxic and harmful basic mass market cat litter is.

     To begin, let’s talk about how much clay and crystal litter impact the environment. The main components of both litters must be mined. Which causes major issues for the plants, animals and humans living in the area. The process of strip mining is known to cause erosion, flooding, deforestation, loss of habitat, and pollution.

      Plus neither litter is compostable or biodegradable. They can’t break down any further and will spend thousands of years in the landfills of the world. Not to mention that most litter tossed in the landfills are done so in plastic bags, furthering the plastic  pollution problem. 

      Clay and crystal litter can also be bad for the health of you and your cat. Bentonite clay is used in kitty litter for it’s moisture absorbing abilities but if accidentally ingested by your kitty it can cause major stomach issues. It creates a lot of dust that can agitate human and animal asthma too. Crystal litter is made from sodium silicate sand, the same type of material used in moisture control packets, which clearly states “DO NOT EAT” because it’s toxic! And it’s very likely that your cat will ingest it because cats are always grooming themselves, and it can be deadly. It’s scary to think that products being made for our pets could potentially be hazardous.

       Clay and crystal litters are just bad news all around. With massive effects on our environment and our health, it makes you wonder why it’s marketed on a mass scale, and it may seem like there’s no alternative. Luckily there is hope!! There is a whole market out there for compostable and biodegradable cat litter. It’s better for you, your kitty and the earth. There are so many different options for compostable litter, you can find an amazing list them here…



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Why Your Cat Litter May Be an Issue