Pet Poo Skiddoo is a new company in Asheville, NC that was started in Spring 2015 by former web designer, Stephanie Chow.  So how exactly do you go from web design to the poop scoopin’ biz?

“I was tired of making websites for other startup businesses and watching them grow. I wanted to be one of them! Sitting in front of a computer screen all day just wasn’t enough. I wanted to be out there, getting my hands “dirty”, and helping pet owners and the environment alike.”

Stephanie Chow Founder of Pet Poo Skiddoo
Stephanie Chow
Founder of Pet Poo Skiddoo
I saw a need in our town where we have a lot of pet owners here with busy schedules. Although our cats and dogs bring us so much joy, they also require a lot of work. I am a proud pet owner myself with 3 cats and 3 dogs so you better believe I know a thing or two about pet poo.

I have now been living in the Asheville area with my dogs since 2009. That’s a lot of “output” that has gone into our yard. I want people to realize the importance of keeping your yard clean. Unfortunately lawn mowers just don’t get the job done. It is essential to make sure you remove all waste from the yard soon after it happens to keep your family safe, happy, and healthy. Unlike horses and cows, pet waste can be very acidic and contain large amounts of parasites and bacteria due to their high protein diet. That is something you just shouldn’t keep near your family, both two-legged and four-legged.

I am also passionate about keeping our town clean and our water safe. This is why Pet Poo Skiddoo extends its services to apartment, condos, parks and other businesses to lessen the spread of diseases as well as prevent pet waste from being blown or washed into our lakes and rivers.

UPDATE: Pet Poo Skiddoo is taking their environmental efforts a step further and is now composting the dog waste that is collected. Learn more.

If you are a pet owner in need of some help removing waste from your yard contact Stephanie at Pet Poo Skiddoo!

When Stephanie is not cleaning up the town, she enjoys hula hooping, woodworking, sewing, and of course cuddling up with her pups.

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Pet Poo Skiddoo is a proud member of A.P.A.W.S, The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists