Commercial properties

We offer affordable solutions to help keep your property waste-free and safe for your clientele.

Dog waste removal is one of the biggest problems that commercial property managers must deal with.  You may have a “cleanup after your pet” policy, but sadly at least 40% of dog owners will not.  Rather than fining your tenants or leaving uninviting signs out for your customers, let us scoop up the problem. Your clientele will both see and smell a dramatic improvement, and soon your reputation will be known as one of the cleanest commercial properties in town!

Commercial properties we service:

  • Apartment Complex
  • Condominium Complex
  • HOA’s
  • Office Park
  • Dog Park
  • Recreational Park
  • Dog Day Care Facility
  • Veterinary Location

Why Choose Us?

  • No contracts or set-up fees
  • Conveniently set up recurring payments online
  • Insured & Bonded
  • Service all year round
  • Pet Waste TrackerLearn more

We install Pet Waste Stations


Each station is 100% Commercial Grade, Aluminum/Metal material, Powder Coated to last, and comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Price Per Installation:
With Yard Scooping Services Without Yard Scooping Services
$250 $300
Choose Your Bag*

Types of pet waste dispensers

Choose Your Bin

Types pet waste bins

Choose Your Color


*Roll style bags, a slightly lower cost, are recommended more for high traffic areas such as public parks where more bags are used on a daily basis. The Single-pull bag is recommended for HOAs and apartments to limit residents from inadvertent excessive dispensing. Both bag styles are commercial grade, black opaque material.


We Maintain Pet Waste Stations

Weekly Maintenance includes:
  • Disinfect and clean
  • Deodorize interior
  • Replace waste bin liner
  • Restock pet waste bags
  • Clean up waste and debris within a 30 foot radius
  • Haul away waste
  • Basic repairs (additional cost for replacing parts)
Price Per Station (per week):
With Yard Scooping Services Without Yard Scooping Services
$8.00 $10.00

Let Us Scoop Your Property

Whatever works for you.

Pet Poo Skiddoo can maintain your entire commercial property or service just a few problem areas. We offer affordable solutions to help keep your property waste-free and safe for your clientele.

Want us to scoop… Once a week? Every other week? Half the property at a time? Only the playground? Let us know!

Weekly Service Rate
Starting at $15.00

Complimentary PET WASTE TRACKER Provided With All Commercial Services


Receive quarterly reports of the following data:

Amount That We Scoop

track pet waste collected

On each service date, we weigh what we collect and chart it so you can visually see if there is any increase or decrease of dog waste on your property.

Potential Waste Station Site

suggested waste station location(s)

We take note of frequent, highly condensed areas and make suggestions of what location(s) may benefit from a pet waste station.

Current Waste Station Use

current waste station status

We estimate the fullness of the bins and how many bags were used on a weekly basis to let you know if you should increase or decrease your station's service schedule.

Possible Outbreak

possible outbreak from dog waste

We observe everything we scoop and will notify you of a possible outbreak when multiple instances of infected-looking feces are found over a short period of time.

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