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Reusable Dog Waste Bag Bundle

Price: $30.00 + free shipping
Contains two thick bags, two thin bags

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Can’t decide on which type of bag to get? Get both! The thinner bag feels just like your average plastic dog waste bag and should be an easy transition. The thicker bag may take longer to get used to but is more durable and can withstand a washing machine.

Proceeds go towards Pet Poo Skiddoo’s composting efforts.

Besides thickness, is there any other difference in the bags?

Our thicker bags are made with nylon while the thinner bags are a plastic coated material. They both are the same size, and have same elastic band to open and close the top.

To clean: The nylon bags can be cleaned in a washing machine while the thinner bags should only be washed by hand.

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Includes one purple and one teal thin bag plus two thick bags with a randomly chosen accent color.
*We can only ship within the U.S.

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