Hosting an outdoor event or festival where dogs will be in attendance?
Hire Pet Poo Skiddoo for the day!

Cost:  Charged by the hour | * Price dependent on size and length of event

Hire Scoops for your event

Doggie Dip 2015
Doggie Dip 2015

For the duration of the event, we’ll do a continual walk around the location in search of manure, scooping up whatever we can find. We will maintain a poo-free ground, allowing your attendees to enjoy the festivities without worrying when their pup will go to the bathroom.

*Bonus* – When Pet Poo Skiddoo is hired for an event, we also bring along our lovable mascot, Scoops!  This fun character will surely enhance your event and entertain adults and children alike.

Is your event raising money for a non-profit? Pet Poo Skiddoo often offers yard scooping services at no cost for such occasions. We love helping our community, one poop at a time.

Event Services Benefits:

  • Extra entertainment with our mascot
  • Bagged waste is taken away from festivities to avoid smell
  • Hiring pet waste removers for your event shows you care about the attending dog owners

Meet Scoops

Have an event coming up and want us there?

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Hold a free presentation at your next event
We provide free talks about pet waste

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Topics covered:

  • Common myths about dog waste
  • What you never knew about dog waste
  • Its effects on the environment
  • Common parasites and viruses found in dogs
  • What your dog’s poop might be telling you
  • How to properly dispose of dog waste

Pet waste presentation

As part of our efforts to give back to the community, we offer free talks to educate the public on the potential dangers of lingering dog waste, the negative impact it has on our environment, and how to properly dispose of it to help keep our community safe.

► Educational materials provided
► Free raffle held at every event