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We Scoop and Keep Track of Dog Waste On Your Grounds

By scooping on a regular basis, we can maintain a cleaner appearance for your complex and offer ways to lessen the amount of dog waste found on the ground that will provide both you and your tenants a clearer, more enjoyable space.

$20/half hour

Average $50/week for a 250 unit complex.

Schedule twice per week, once per week, or every other week service. We will scoop dog waste and small bits of debris along pathways, open grass, and other commonly traversed areas. All collected refuse will be bagged and transported off site.

We Track,

On each service date, we weigh what we collect and chart the data so you can visually see if there is any increase or decrease of dog waste on your property.

We Advise,

We take note of frequent, highly condensed areas and make suggestions of what location(s) may benefit from a pet waste station or compost collection bin.

Plus Free Reports.

A pet waste tracker report will be sent every quarter. You may choose to use this information and take part in a “Good Tenant” Rewards Program to encourage more residents to pick up after their dogs and help keep the grounds clear.

Commercial properties we service:

  • Apartment Complex
  • Condominium Complex
  • HOA’s
  • Office Park
  • Dog Park
  • Recreational Park
  • Dog Day Care Facility
  • Veterinary Location

Why Choose Us?

  • No contracts or set-up fees
  • Set up recurring payments online
  • Insured & Bonded
  • Service all year round
  • Pet Waste Tracker reports

Interested in hiring us to service your property?

Great! Please contact us to set up your free on-site consultation.

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