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Yard Scooping

I would like someone to scoop my yard and have the collected waste composted.

Bin Pickup

I prefer to scoop my own yard and have the waste that I collect be composted.

Are you a commercial property?

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Servicing:   Asheville / Arden / Black Mountain / Candler / Fairview / Fletcher / Hendersonville / Woodfin / Weaverville

Why Compost?


You’ll be given a bin with a compostable liner that you may fill with your dog’s waste. Liner is swapped out and bin is deodorized upon each visit. All dog waste will be composted.

First pickup is FREE!


(Most Common)


$24Billed every four weeks


$14Billed every four weeks

Half of the bin (two gallons) will hold approximately 12-13 pounds of dog waste.

First pickup is FREE!


(Typically for multiple large dogs)


$36Billed every four weeks


$20Billed every four weeks

A full bin (four gallons) will hold approximately 25 pounds of dog waste.

Not sure which option is best for you? Use our Dog Waste Calculator to estimate how much your dog(s) deposit each week.

Still not sure? Choose the lower priced weekly or biweeKly service and we will let you know if you need more after your first few pickups.

After signing up, you’ll receive your bin, informational pamphlet, and yard sign within the next few days.


What do you do with the finished compost?
While we’ve been busy perfecting our formula, our compost will be made available in early 2021. All clients will get 50% off!

Can I throw in bags from my dog walks?
We will be accepting regular plastic dog waste bags for now, but we do encourage you to purchase compostable waste bags (discounted products will be offered to you after signing up)

Do you clean the bin at all?
Although we only take the liner with us, we will deodorize your bin upon each visit.

Reduce Your Dog’s Carbon “Pawprint”!

It may be hard to gauge how much your dog poops as we’re usually bagging up one at a time on a walk or scooping up one at a time in the yard, but what if I told you that the average dog produces ¾ lb of waste per day? That’s over 5 lbs per week, and an estimated 275 lbs per year!

Then what if I told you there are 90 million dogs in the United States? That’s over 12 million tons of dog waste generated in the U.S. each year!!

Now picture that most of this waste – millions of pounds of smelly, methane producing, bacteria filled poop – is wrapped up in these tiny little plastic bags and thrown away to slowly rot at our local dump.

Of course whatever isn’t picked up is left to sit on the ground, causing a nuisance to our public areas and potentially spreading unhealthy pathogens into our lawns and waterways.

I’m pretty sure if our dogs could talk, they’d be asking “What are you doing?!?”

Now imagine that instead of tossing all this manure into our overflowing landfills, we can turn it into a safe material that can go back into the earth to build up nutritious soil and healthy plants.

That’s what we do at Pet Poo Skiddoo! We take your dog’s waste that otherwise would have gone into the trash, and turn it into a beautiful compost that will go towards revitalizing our surrounding environment.

Join today and make your dog one less polluter and one more environmental activist!