Pet Poo Skiddoo is Now
Composting Dog Waste!

Watch our 2 minute video that shows an overview of why and how we began our composting project in our small town of Asheville, NC.

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Why compost dog poop?

Currently there are more then 80 million dogs in the U.S., each one depositing an average of 275 lbs of waste annually. That’s a staggering 22 billion lbs of poop per year – most of which is placed in plastic bags and thrown into the landfill. We’re here to change that. You’ve heard of “reuse, renew, recycle”? The same can be applied to dog waste.

What is composting?

The process is quite simple as nature takes care of most of the work. To compost, combine a specific ratio of nitrogen-based material (such as vegetable scraps, grass clippings… and dog poop) with carbon-based material (such as straw, leaves, and wood chips). Over time, the two components will come together and form a humus, organic matter that is rich in nutrients; Apply to the ground to enhance the soil’s ability to grow healthy, more resilient plants.

There are a few more precautions to take when composting dog waste compared to vegetation as dog waste can contain a multitude of unwanted pathogens; It needs to be more contained, of a certain minimum volume, and reach high enough temperatures to kill off harmful bacteria (a reason why we do not recommend composting small amounts of dog waste in your backyard).

The Equipment

We have chosen to purchase equipment from Green Mountain Technologies, a company in Bainbridge Island, WA that offers a wide range of composting solutions for small-scale operations to large enterprises.

The composters we have purchased are called Earth Cubes, in-vessel units that are completely enclosed in order to contain odors, keep animals and bugs out, and prevent unwanted bacteria from seeping into the soil. Earth Cubes are for relatively small amounts of waste in terms of commercial composting; Currently, we are able to process up to 1,500 lbs of dog waste per month.

The Land

Six acres of land have been purchased in a secluded area outside of Asheville where have set up our equipment. The waste that we scoop up in each yard is directly delivered to this location to be converted into usable fertilizer.

No more plastic!

Since we compost the dog waste that we collect, there’s no need for disposable plastic bags – all of our scoopers line their buckets with handsewn, reusable nylon bags, dramatically decreasing our company’s plastic footprint, and avoiding trips to the landfill!

We are hoping that with enough support, we can go from saving hundreds of pounds of dog waste from the landfill… to thousands! So please,