Yard Scooping

We offer year round scooping services to remove dog waste from your yard and deodorize problem areas to help keep an enjoyable, clean, and less smelly space.


Complimentary “spot” deodorizing for all yard scooping customers with an additional full yard application available upon request.

Commercial Services

Pet Poo Skiddoo can maintain your commercial property, offering affordable solutions to help keep your property waste-free and safe for your clientele.

Did you know?

The average dog discards approximately three quarters of a pound of waste per day, which adds up to 275 pounds per year, most of which ends up in the back yard. Learn more about what this is doing to your environment.

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  • Insured & Bonded
  • Service all year round
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What our Client are saying

My husband and I just don't have the time or to keep the yard as clean with our busy schedules. Pet Poo Skiddoo made it easy to keep our yard clean without the worry.

Sally - Asheville

Thanks you so much for bringing this service to Asheville! Pet Poo Skiddoo does a great job and keeps our yard in top shape. We feel a lot better now with letting our 3 kids out to play without having to worry about them getting into contact with our doggie's business. Thanks again!

Michelle -Asheville